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All Terrain Kidsport Spf15 Spray

All Terrain's award-winning KidSport sunscreen spray is for parents who want natural, effective, oxybenzone- and paraben-free sunscreens. Offering broad-spectrum UVA - UVB protection with non-nano, uncoated zinc oxide, All Terrain KidSport was rated Top Sunscreen by the Environmental Working Group. Using transparent zinc oxide, KidSport is non-whitening, non-greasy, fragrance-free and won't cause eye sting so it is great for kids with sensitive skin.

3 Oz.


All Terrain is a certified cruelty-free company, using natural, biodegradable ingredients and packaging made from recycled, recyclable and - or biodegradable material. All Terrain has disproved the myth that if it's natural, it can't work as well as chemical-based products.